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Biden: Smash Pro-Lifers Like the KKK

The pro-abortion left has made it clear it is willing to do anything to prevent Texas’ ban on aborting babies more than six weeks into term.

In the mind of deranged liberals, perhaps the only thing more evil than “racism” is preventing the murder of the unborn. It is fitting then that the Democratic Party is prepared to fight Texas’ abortion law with the same laws once stamped out the post-Civil War Ku Klux Klan. That’s right, folks. Liberals believe hiring a doctor to rip a baby limb from limb before crush its head to “evacuate” it from a womb is a birthing person’s fundamental constitutional right that must be protected from KKK-style roving mobs.

Throughout the Trump/Biden era, the left has grown gradually more ambitious and more aggressive in imposing its demands on the rest of society, in ripping down every institution, every tradition, and every person that stands in the way of a total reset of society. Yet even acknowledging that, the response to Texas’s S.B. 8 stands out for its sheer frenzy. Literally nothing is beyond the pale in the left’s push to undermine and destroy the law, and anyone who supports it.

And we really do mean nothing. At this very moment, Democrats are urging the Biden Administration to imprison people who follow the state’s law. Read more…

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