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Biden to Ban Interstate Travel

Today multiple media outlets are reporting that the Biden regime is considering banning unvaccinated individuals from traveling between state lines, calling the authoritarian move a more “severe” option that the regime will implement only when citizens of the United States are “ready for the strong-arming from the federal government”.

Joe Biden’s administration is currently operating “with restraint” when it comes to coaxing Americans to receive one of the controversial COVID-19 vaccines, according to White House officials per the Associated Press, but will soon ratchet-up its totalitarian “strong-arming from the federal government” in a bid to force the 90 million Americans resisting the vaccines to accept the controversial shots. According to the Associated Press, the Biden regime’s plans “have been carefully calibrated to encourage a wave of businesses and governments to follow suit,” suggesting collusion between the White House and big businesses, something Democrats once hated.

As Americans become “ready” for “strong-arming” from the Biden regime, the administration has “discussed” options including “mandating vaccines for interstate travel,” effectively stopping vaccine resisters from moving freely throughout the United States. Read more…

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