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Biden to “Monitor” Private Medical Data

Before the latest globalist brain fart from the Biden regime even went into effect, the puppets of said regime are already on the offensive on those who were thinking of potentially circumventing medical tyranny and retaining their medical freedom. And as the child-sniffer-in-chief already made clear, American freedoms are to feature less and less prominently if he and his handlers are to get their way.

According to The Epoch Times, the puppet in question is one of the usual suspects. In a comment made to CNN on Sunday, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy informed the objective and unbiased news outlet that the Biden regime will “monitor” the awarding of vaccine exemptions in an effort to curtail what they perceive to be potential abuses of their edicts, which millions of Americans would generally classify as “fighting back”.

The newest round of tyrannical edicts coming from the White House includes requiring any business with over 100 employees to force every last one of them to surrender their medical autonomy. The main exemptions to this blatant misuse of power are one’s medical condition or religious sensitivities. This is where the Biden regime sees potentially thousands of Americans using this as a loophole to get out from under their thumb. Read more…

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