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Biden to Promote Transgender Human Trafficking

The Biden administration, which effectively announced an open door policy for migrant children crossing the border alone, is expanding their priorities to include families with young children and people who identify as transgender. Vice President Kamala Harris has called violence against LGBT persons a “root cause” of migration.

The administration is opening up exceptions to a pandemic-inspired public health order that was put in place last year, and is increasing the allowances for “humanitarian exceptions,” NPR reports. Those restrictions, put in place by the CDC, come under Title 42.

The White House isn’t publicizing this change in allowable entry criteria so as to not spark another migration boom, such as the one that happened when they announced to the world that unaccompanied minor children would be allowed to cross without exception. These children were promised housing, food, and an education if they made it to the border and crossed on their own. Border detainment facilities are already reported to be at capacity.

This led to a massive uptick in illegal border crossings by kids, and human traffickers were the ones to benefit. Read more…

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