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Biden Wants More Billions for Zelensky and Friends

Last week, the Biden regime requested Congress to green light an additional $13.7 billion that would be allocated towards Ukraine. According to Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge, this spending proposal would be a “part of a short-term funding bill.”

This proposal consists of $11.7 billion additional “security and economic assistance” for Ukraine and $2 billion to bolster domestic energy supplies that have largely been disrupted by Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Of the $11.7 billion, $4.5 billion will be allocated towards military gear and the replenishment of Defense Department stockpiles. Another $2.7 billion will be dedicated towards “defense and intelligence” for Ukraine. $4.5 billion will assist in providing budgetary support for Ukraine’s government.

Of the $2 billion that’s dealing with the strengthening of the energy sector, $1.5 of it will be allocated towards uranium to fuel nuclear reactors, and $500 million is being used to modernize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Read more…

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