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Biden Wants to Rip Parents Out of Education

Biden’s Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, dodged a question regarding whether or not parents should decide what their kids will be taught in public schools. The question was asked by Senator Mike Braun (R-IN).

“Do you think parents should be in charge of their child’s education as the primary stakeholder?” Braun asked during a hearing on Thursday. “I believe parents are important stakeholders,” Cardona began. Braun immediately interjected to affirm that he was asking about whether or not parents should be the “primary” stakeholder. “But I also believe educators have a role in determining educational programming” said Cardona.

Cardona was instrumental in making Connecticut the first state in the nation to require “Black and Latino studies” courses as part of their high school curriculum. He previously served as Connecticut’s Education Commissioner before being tapped as Biden’s Education Secretary. Read more…

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