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Biden White House Exposed: Hunter Left off Flight Logs

The Biden administration’s exclusion of Hunter Biden from the official flight logs for Marine One has sparked considerable controversy and raised questions about transparency and accountability in the White House. Critics have highlighted Hunter’s absence from the logs after being observed disembarking from the chopper during the First Family’s return from a Delaware vacation, a fact that was notably missing from the official flight log provided to the White House press corps.

The House GOP official account called attention to this omission, raising concerns about potential scrubbing of visitor logs and other manifests to conceal Hunter Biden’s appearances. The absence of Hunter Biden from official records has raised eyebrows and prompted inquiries into whether other visitor logs were similarly devoid of his presence.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed the issue, stating that disclosing Hunter Biden’s travel plans with his father was not a practice they’ve engaged in previously or planned to do moving forward. Jean-Pierre emphasized the family’s right to travel with the president, a practice she claimed was consistent with previous administrations.

Critics have expressed concerns over the optics of concealing Hunter Biden’s appearances, especially considering his pending legal issues, including contempt of Congress charges and federal cases. Fox News correspondent Jacqui Heinrich highlighted Hunter’s presence at the White House amid legal troubles, emphasizing his defiance of a Congressional subpoena and his indictments on financial crimes and gun charges.

Despite branding itself as the “most transparent administration in history,” the Biden White House’s decision to exclude Hunter Biden from official logs has raised doubts about its commitment to transparency. Reports of Hunter’s attendance at various high-profile events like the annual egg roll, state dinners, ceremonies, and even private family occasions were notably absent from official visitor logs.

The administration’s spokesperson defended the lack of disclosure regarding purely personal guests of the First and Second Families, asserting that records related to visits without official or political business would not be released. This policy has further fueled skepticism and heightened scrutiny regarding the administration’s transparency, particularly concerning Hunter Biden’s involvement in events at the White House.

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