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Biden’s 2024 Bid in Danger as White House Scandal Breaks!

White House aides have reportedly admitted President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal will impact his expected 2024 campaign launch.

Whether Biden’s mishandling of classified materials will permanently derail his reelection announcement or not is unclear amid media speculation. But according to CNN’s MJ Lee and Kevin Liptak, Biden’s aides have acknowledged the scandal “will present a challenge… in anticipation of an expected announcement that he is seeking reelection” as early as February.

“Behind the scenes, sources said Biden’s grown frustrated at how the saga has played out, particularly the way his administration’s handling of the story has overtaken what had been a positive stretch,” CNN reported. “People close to the White House say there is currently a mood of quiet resignation among Biden aides — an ‘It is what it is’ mentality — as they, too, wait to learn if news of more misplaced classified documents will surface in the coming days.”

A Democrat strategist of presidential campaigns told Fox News the newly appointed special counsel is bad news for the White House. “It’s never good when there’s a special prosecutor appointed. Read more…

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