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Biden’s Alarming Interaction: Inappropriately Close with Children Again

If you’re still wondering about the reasons behind Joe Biden’s limited public appearances, his recent speech provides a compelling example. On the anniversary of the Inflation Reduction Act, a name even Biden admitted was misleading, his odd and unsettling comments garnered attention on social media. Biden’s tendency to make strange remarks and his overall behavior is precisely why his handlers keep him out of the spotlight as much as possible.

During the speech, he directed a peculiar statement towards the parents in the audience, telling them, “I want to say one thing to your children. I know some really great ice cream places around here.” With an unsettling gaze, he leaned into the camera and added, “Daddy owes you. Okay? So, talk to me afterwards.”

This incident is just one of many that have raised eyebrows about Biden’s behavior, particularly towards women and young girls. His history of inappropriate touching, sniffing, and making questionable comments to women and children is well-documented. In a video from a meet-and-greet in California, he sniffed a young girl’s hair, touched her shoulder, and advised her, “No serious guys until you’re 30.” Biden’s daughter Ashley has even mentioned in her diary that he used to take showers with her at a young age, which she described as “probably not appropriate.”

In the context of recent allegations against public figures, Biden’s behavior is concerning. At least eight women have accused him of inappropriate actions, including Tara Reade, who claims he touched her inappropriately while she was a staffer in his Senate office in 1993. Reade has also alleged that he sexually assaulted her by pushing her against a wall, kissing her, and touching her inappropriately. Although she tried to bring attention to these claims, Biden’s staff reportedly protected him from facing the consequences.

Given his history and the mounting allegations, it’s no wonder that many people find Biden’s comments and behavior troubling. His tendency to make awkward and sometimes inappropriate remarks only adds to the perception that he’s not entirely fit for the role he holds. It’s no surprise that his handlers aim to minimize his public appearances and carefully control his interactions with the public.

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