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Biden’s Approval at Near-Record Low: New Poll

Amid all the excitement over the arrest of Donald Trump and the destruction of our republic, once again the public’s attention has been diverted away from just how badly the Biden regime is doing its job. Unless, of course, its primary job has been demonizing and destroying the possibility of political dissent in the United States, in which case it’s doing great. Americans are, nonetheless, noticing in large numbers that Old Joe Biden has been about as effective a president as Nancy Pelosi has been an effective spokesperson for sobriety. Biden, despite continuing to read off his teleprompter at every opportunity about what a terrific job he is doing, is reaching record lows in a new poll.

Fox News reported Wednesday that most Americans don’t think much of Old Joe, and haven’t for a considerable period: the putative president’s “job performance rating has mostly held steady for more than a year and currently stands at 44% approve vs. 56% disapprove in the latest Fox News national survey. That’s net negative by 12 points. The last time that he received positive marks was September 2021, and that was by 1 point (50%-49%).” It’s amazing, in light of the disaster that his alleged presidency has been since its very first day, that he ever had positive approval ratings, but it’s no surprise that he has remained in the doldrums for so long now. Read more…

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