Biden’s Been Consistent on One Thing: Abortion

During the first 100 days of his administration, President Joe Biden has demonstrated his willingness to champion the progressive movement’s radical preferences on abortion policy.

This reality comes as little surprise, given that during his campaign for the Democratic nomination, Biden renounced his decades-long support for the Hyde amendment — which prevents taxpayer funds from directly underwriting elective abortion procedures — after facing pressure from abortion-rights activists.

Though Biden has long claimed to be “personally pro-life,” he has never shied away from supporting legal abortion, arguing that to oppose abortion as a politician would be tantamount to imposing his religion on others.

As president, Biden appears to have shed any last vestiges of pretending to believe that unborn human beings deserve even minor protections under the law or that pro-life taxpayers ought not be forced to fund elective abortions.

Early in the administration, Planned Parenthood president Alexis McGill Johnson announced that her organization was helping the Biden transition team to staff the incoming administration, and she told Newsweek that they expected Biden to follow marching orders when it came to abortion. Read more…

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