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Biden’s Border Chief Says He Can’t Explain Border Rush

President Joe Biden’s border chief says he can’t explain why hundreds of thousands of migrants are rushing over the border he is tasked to guard.

“Can you explain why you’ve seen this big surge [of migrants] in the last couple of weeks?” border chief Alejandro Mayorkas was asked on Friday, just six days before he lifts the Title 42 border barrier.

“It’s very difficult to identify the cause,” the pro-migration border chief responded to the reporter.

However, a Venezuelan migrant named Daniel told the May 7 New York Times why he and many other Venezuelans are sneaking into the United States: “We just want to work.”

“The goal was to provide for the children a quality life and educational opportunities,” Venezuelan Abel Oviedo told He had settled in Colombia, and then moved to Peru, but started his family’s migration in late 2022. “I’m a hard worker,” Oviedo said. Read more…

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