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Biden’s December Cash Withdrawal Uncovered!

Did Joe Biden know trouble legal waters were ahead? Based on his financial records, he was at least preparing for private counsel because he took out a significant line of credit in December. It so happens that this transaction occurred last December, as the tax evasion probe into his son, Hunter, was ongoing, and FBI agents had already searched his offices at UPenn and found classified materials the previous month. In a moment of rare cognitive function, the president probably figured that more would follow, and he should prepare the lawyers for both fronts.

It’s no small loan either-It totaled some $250,000 against his home in Rehoboth, Delaware, a recent site for federal authorities scouring the premises for sensitive files. Unlike Trump, this was no raid. With Trump, the Justice Department acted like hell on wheels to ransack his home while they’re dragging its feet with Biden. Read more…

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