Biden’s Latest Defeat is Bigger Than You Think

On March 12, president Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan into law.

Part of the rescue plan designated $29 billion for a Restaurant Revitalization Fund grant program for small privately-owned business.

The grant program gave priority status to specific racial and ethnic groups and women.

6th Circuit Court Rules Race Priority Unconstitutional

Today the 6th Circuit Court Rules Race Priority Unconstitutional.

Judge Amul Roger Thapar gave the majority opinion.

“THAPAR, Circuit Judge. This case is about whether the government can allocate limited coronavirus relief funds based on the race and sex of the applicants. We hold that it cannot.”

The case stemmed from a lawsuit filed by Antonio Vitolo and his wife who owned a restaurant called Jake’s Bar and Grill.

Vitolo is white and his wife is Hispanic, and they each own 50% of the restaurant.

Vitolo’s claim was forced to the back of the queue but they would have been at the front of the queue if the restaurant was 51% owned by a woman, veteran, or a socially disadvantage racial group.

The Vitolo’s did not qualify as socially disadvantage because they are not 51% Black, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American.

Vitolo sued to end the race and sex preferences in grant funding, claiming that they violated his constitutional rights.

6th Court Ruling Synopsis

Race: “Government policies that classify people by race are presumptively invalid.” Read more…

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