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Biden’s Real Agenda on Ukraine

According to President Biden in his State of the Union, the war between Ukraine and Russia is a “fight for freedom,” a “battle between democracy and autocracies.” Those countries opposing Russia’s invasion are a “coalition of other freedom-loving nations.”

Perhaps for Ukraine, the war really is about freedom (though Ukraine is neither as free nor as democratic as Western media portray it). But for the Globalist American Empire, the crusade against Russia has nothing to do with “democracy” or “freedom.” In fact, the war provides them with a golden opportunity to act out their increasingly dystopian fantasies. The battle against Russia is a new frontier of American policymaking: It is the globalization of BLM tactics and “cancel culture.” It is George Floydism converted from domestic cudgel to foreign policy doctrine…

After 2020, America’s most powerful law firms lined up to pay homage to George Floyd and pledge vast pro bono resources to BLM. After the presidential election, the press browbeat major firms into refusing to represent Trump in cases challenging the results.

Now, law firms are being weaponized against Russia too. Covington and Burling, the #1 law firm in Washington DC, announced it will represent Ukraine pro bono in the International Court of Justice, while elite British firm Linklaters is simply closing up shop in Russia entirely. Read more…

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