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Biden’s Shady Move: ‘Another Million’ Headed to US via Venezuela

Senator Lindsey Graham, a prominent conservative voice, expressed grave concerns regarding the Biden administration’s decision to grant work permits to approximately 470,000 Venezuelans residing in the United States. Graham believes this move will inevitably lead to a surge in immigration, attracting even more individuals to the already overwhelmed southern border.

In a discussion on “Wake Up America,” Graham asserted that the nation has effectively lost control of its southern border. He pointed out the obvious consequence: when you provide work permits to a sizable group of individuals, it serves as a powerful incentive for others to follow suit. He predicts that this policy will attract another million immigrants to attempt entry into the United States, citing the appeal of work permits as the driving force.

Additionally, Graham criticized the Biden administration’s approach to border security funding. He highlighted how they redirected resources from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the agency responsible for immigration enforcement, to community shelters. This shift, in his view, effectively creates more accommodations for illegal immigrants, rather than bolstering enforcement efforts.

Graham’s concerns extend to what he perceives as a welcoming message sent by the Biden administration to potential immigrants worldwide. He believes that the administration’s policies, rather than deterring illegal immigration, serve as a tacit invitation for individuals to come to America with the prospect of staying indefinitely.

In summary, Senator Graham contends that the Biden administration’s immigration policies are either driven by incompetence or a deliberate effort to encourage immigration. From his perspective, it appears that these policies are designed to attract individuals to the United States, further straining the already overwhelmed border and immigration systems.

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