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Biden’s Sights Fall Back to the Second Amendment

The next battleground for gun rights will likely be fought at the local level, and it’s going to be a tough fight.

Since the Gun Control lobby can’t seem to pass any gun control through Congress, they’ve taken two different but distinct pathways. The first is the Biden administration ruling by executive fiat and using the DOJ & ATF to push “regulations” that affect gun owners using existing laws on the books.

The second is something we have mentioned before, but now we are starting to see a pattern from anti-gun groups. There’s a heightened push for gun control at the local level, specifically about State Preemption.

Giffords, one of the largest anti-gun organizations, has been making a serious push for states to overturn their preemption statutes concerning gun laws. In 2021 they scored a significant victory when the Colorado General Assembly repealed the majority of its firearms preemption statute, making them the first state in the country to do so. According to Allison Alderman, senior counsel at Giffords, other states are looking to follow in Colorado’s footsteps. Read more…

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