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Biden’s Surgeon General Wants to Ban “Misinformation”

US authorities seem to be doubling down on their policy of enlisting the help of Big Tech and traditional media in suppressing what they see as medical misinformation being spread by users of social networks and accounts run by these privately-owned corporate giants….

Although conservatives are those disproportionately affected by censorship around this topic, Murthy tried to “sell” the idea of turning journalists and media outlets into tools that The White House can use to impose its policies as something that “doesn’t have to be a partisan issue.”

Those with experience of living in undemocratic and autocratic regimes are likely to find this definition of what media and journalists are supposed to do uncomfortably familiar; however, to CNN’s audience Murthy presented this as “journalists doing the right thing” while suppression of unwanted content and conversations labeled as misinformation would be “getting accurate information out to the public.” Read more…

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