Big News: Judge Orders Forensic Audit of 22 Dominion Machines in Michigan, Trump Lawyers Celebrate

You may remember the strange case of Antrim County, the very pro-Trump red county, where the voting results professed to show that Joe Biden had won by a huge amount.

Well, the election officials knew something was wrong when they saw it, knowing there was no way that happened.

But when they investigated, they found that somehow the votes had been switched.

The Secretary of State, a Democrat tried to blame “human error” saying that an election official in the county hadn’t done an update which caused the result.

But then that immediately raised several questions. Was there a problem in the system that allowed for this to happen? Why would not having an update result in this? And could it have happened in other places that used the Dominion system both in the 47 counties in which it is used in Michigan as well as in other parts of the country?

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