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Big Pharma’s Failed Campaign to Villainize RFK Jr.

Here’s the quick summary of the story of how science convinced RFK Jr to become a truthteller about vaccines:

…The original Verstraten VSD data sets on thimerasol were turned over to a third party to keep them out of reach of FOIA. VSD data is more heavily guarded than the gold in Ft. Knox. Its all there; the vaccine damage to children’s health since 1986.

Here we are today, over twenty years after thimerosal was known to cause problems. We know for sure it causes mercury accumulation in the brain.

Here’s the most recent review showing RFK was right: 22 studies showing ethyl- and methylmercury cross the blood-brain barrier using the same LAT system: “In total, these studies indicate that ethylmercury-containing compounds and Thimerosal readily cross the BBB, convert, for the most part, to highly toxic inorganic mercury-containing compounds, which significantly and persistently bind to tissues in the brain, even in the absence of concurrent detectable blood mercury levels.” In short, it goes from the blood to your brain where it stays for the rest of your life.

Of course, the CDC is still lying about it today on their website. Read more…

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