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Big Tech Blackmails Texas Over Child Protection Bill

U.S. corporations are doubling down on their “woke” advocacy with new attacks on Texas bills that ban child “sex changes” and protect women’s sports.

Earlier this week, 43 businesses took aim at Texas lawmakers over pro-family bills moving forward in both houses of the state legislature.

“Such legislation would send a message that is at odds with the Texas we know, and with our own efforts to attract and retain the best talent and to compete for business,” the companies wrote in a statement on Monday. They added that they “will continue to oppose” bills they deem “divisive.”

Signers include Texas-based American Airlines, Amazon, Apple, Dell, Facebook, HP, IBM, Lime, Marriott, Nestlé, PayPal, Salesforce, Unilever, and United Airlines. Microsoft and bp, two corporate backers of the “Great Reset” – the U.N.-backed plan “to revamp all aspects” of global society – joined the letter as well. The statement was published by Texas Competes, a pro-LGBT coalition of more than 1,400 businesses.

Texas Senate Republicans last week unanimously passed SB 29, a bill upholding biological standards for athletic competitions in the state. The senate also held hearings on SB 1646, which would redefine Texas child abuse laws to include “administering, supplying or consenting to provide” “gender transitioning” procedures to children.

SB 1646, which resembles a law recently passed in Arkansas, bans puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and “sex change” surgeries for kids. A Texas House committee already has approved other legislation to criminalize transgender procedures for minors outright and to allow the state medical board to revoke the licenses of doctors who provide them. Read more…

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