Bill Gates Set to Become the World’s First TRILLIONAIRE

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been the world’s richest man for years, and despite the billions he’s giving away to charitable efforts his fortune continues to grow at a lightning fast rate.

Here’s more from The Sun:

BILL Gates is set to become the world’s first trillionaire within 25 years.

And that’s despite the Microsoft founder’s “commendable efforts” to try and share it around, a report by Oxfam into poverty inequality has found.

Already the world’s richest man with a fortune thought to be around $75billion (£59.35billion), Gates’ wealth now has a momentum of its own and is set to accumulate even further.

Oxfam said Gates’ fortune has risen 50 percent – the equivalent of $25billion (£20billion) – since stepping down from working full-time at Microsoft in 2006.

The report stated if billionaires like Gates continue to secure these returns, “we could see the world’s first trillionaire in 25 years”.

It appears that no matter how hard you try, “if you are already rich you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer”, according to the poverty experts.

Gates is predicted to hit the trillion mark by the age of 86 but is unlikely to leave much of it in his will.

The philanthropist been very open about how he will not gift his kids inheritance money over fears it will “distort their lives”.

The 61-year-old set up the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with his wife in 2000 and the trust has already given away $28billion in the fight against global poverty.

The billionaire also offered some sage advice for the world’s poorest, telling people that raising chickens is the key to prosperity in a bizarre blog post.

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