Bill Maher on Charlottesville: Fox News ‘Reanimated’ the Nazis

Uber-liberal Bill Maher is at it again with his galactically absurd arguments.

Via his post at HBO’s ‘Real Time’, Maher argued that the riot and ultimate carnage in Charlottesville at the behest of white supremacists was the fault of Fox News.

According to Maher’s altered state of consciousness, executives at FNC are the “‘Jurassic Park’ that took the DNA of the Nazis and reanimated it.”

Two obvious rejoinders are in order.

First, neo-Nazi true believers have been around and growing in strength long before and completely independent of Fox News.

Second, Maher ignores the fact that he and his ilk in the rabid liberal media have re-energized the loony, violence-prone left who are now publicly arguing that violence is justified when their feelings are hurt.

It takes two to tango, Bill.

Both extremes of the political spectrum are unhinged, whether in Charlottesville or Berkeley.

Here’s more from Washington Examiner…

“Real Time” host Bill Maher criticized Fox News on Friday while discussing the violent rally in Charlottesville, Va. saying that the news network was partly to blame for the attacks because they “reanimated” Nazis.

“They are the ‘Jurassic Park’ that took the DNA of the Nazis and reanimated it,” Maher said during a panel discussion on his evening program on HBO. “I believe that without Fox News for years giving the kind of poison they give over their airwaves, putting it into people’s heads, and then the Internet, I think, which you know — people say they get radicalized on the Internet. Before, if you were a neo-Nazi, unless you found somebody in a coffee shop — now you can find someone on the internet. And then, the president gave permission to them.”

Maher also called out President Trump, saying he has been a racist his “whole life.”

The “Real Time” host then insinuated that Trump is a pawn for Fox News, pointing out that Trump used jargon during his impromptu press conference on Tuesday that came from the networks anchors.

“He watches Fox News all the time!” Maher exclaimed. “Over the last 20 years, I’ve encountered so many people, usually older people — older white men — who I thought were normal people, and they suddenly were saying things at Hollywood cocktail parties like “Obama purposely ruined America.’ Purposely!”

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