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Bishop Rebukes Illinois Legalizing Teens’ Secret Abortions

Today, an Illinois Catholic bishop known for his orthodoxy soundly condemned his state’s enactment of a law which now allows minors to abort their children without notifying their parents.

Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois said Governor JB Pritzker’s signing of HB 370, which repeals the Parental Notification Act, “marks a dark and disgraceful moment in the history of the State of Illinois.”

The now-repealed Parental Notification Act, passed in 1995, required doctors to give a pregnant minor’s adult family member at least 48 hours prior notice of the “intention to perform the abortion.”

In a statement issued today, Paprocki remarked that those who have “promoted and voted in support of” HB 370, “the deceptively titled Illinois Youth Health and Safety Act,” including Prtizker, “have granted a five-part victory to evil” in Illinois. Read more…

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