Black Supremacists Find an Ally in Senator Warnock

The National of Islam attack on the Capitol is a clarifying moment for the United States. Ever since the Obama-Farrakhan buddy photo surfaced, America has been rightly on alert against Democratic constituencies’ ties to radical Islam and Black supremacy. Raphael Warnock, the “pastor” elevated to the Senate by Blue Atlanta, has now been exposed as a virulent supporter of the Nation of Islam, its radical “theology,” and its racial hatreds. The quotes obtained leave no doubt, and should open Americans’ eyes to the rising influence of radical Islam and Black supremacy in the Democratic Party.

Senator Raphael Warnock (D-GA) once praised the virulently racist Nation of Islam (NOI), which inspired a murderous terror attack earlier today on the U.S. Capitol, as “necessary” in 2013.

“Its voice has been important for the development of Black theology,” Warnock said in 2013. “It was the Black Muslims who challenged Black preachers and said, ‘you’re promulgating… the White man’s religion. That’s a slave religion. You’re telling people to focus on heaven, meanwhile, they’re catching hell…”

Big League Politics reported on how the hateful NOI ideology drove a black supremacist terrorist to target the U.S. Capitol on Good Friday in order to send a message against Christianity:

“The man who died on Friday after attacking barricades around the US Capitol has been identified as 25-year old Noah Green. Green’s personal Facebook clearly identifies him as a “follower of Farrakhan.”

These are the types of ideologies that dominate the modern Democrat Party, and they will mean the death of America if Leftism isn’t stopped. Read more…

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