BLM Activist Faces Hate Crime Charges for Knocking Out the Teeth of a Black Conservative

On Saturday, a Black Lives Matter mob targeted a free speech rally against Big Tech in San Francisco. An assailant socked the free speech rally organizer, 25-year-old black conservative Philip Anderson, in the jaw, knocking out his two front teeth. On Sunday, the San Francisco Police Department arrested a suspect, 35-year-old Androa “Dro” Anderson, charging him with mayhem and a hate crime enhancement.

Philip Anderson organized the protest on his website, “Team Save America.” He launched the protest after Facebook and Twitter took unprecedented steps to censor a New York Post article about Hunter Biden. “Our free speech rally and protest against Twitter & Big Tech, October 17th in San Francisco California. The Protest will be right in front of Twitter HQ and the rally will be at United Nations Plaza,” the website announced.

A masked male assailant wearing tactical gloves socked Philip Anderson and called the organizer a racial slur. Counterprotesters condemned the Team Save America rally as facist and shouted the N-word at the victim. Read more…

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