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BLM: Black Supremacists Storm Nursing Home

The man who helped lead the hunt for an 87-year-old woman allegedly involved in the killing of Emmett Till is a black nationalist with a history of making racial slurs and orchestrating provocative protests, according to an anti-hate group.

Malik Shabazz, 55, led dozens of people last week who searched through a home for seniors in Raleigh, North Carolina, looking for Carolyn Bryant Donham.

She accused Till, 14, of whistling at her at a store in Money, Mississippi, in 1955, leading to the boy’s murder in one of the most notorious lynchings in American history.

After an arrest warrant for Donham (then Bryant) from 1955 was discovered last month, interest in the case was revived and Shabazz led a group who entered the senior home where they thought Donham was living. Read more…

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