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BLM Canonizes Another Thug as Rioters Swarm Minneapolis

Like most Americans, we at Conservative Alerts expected the George Floyd trial to be what set off the next riot wave. After a violent drug dealer with a warrant was shot shortly after causing a havoc in Minneapolis, we have been proven wrong: BLM/Antifa is mobilizing for a new riot wave, and the pre-printed posters and flags were already out in force last night as the looting and burning of stores took place according to the usual protocol. Don’t believe the blood libel against law-biding Americans: Here are some details about what is actually afoot in Minneapolis:

A riot is underway in the Minneapolis metropolitan area, and has already seen rioters injured, police property damaged, and an attempt to hurl a cement block at an officer’s head. The riot started in response to police involved shooting of a man who had an outstanding warrant and was in the process of fleeing from police.

As National File reported, a riot is underway in the Minneapolis area. At least four black males jumped on and damaged two abandoned police cars, and another black male attempted to throw a cement block at a police officer, only to be immediately subdued by a crowd control projectile. Police immediately attempted to render aid, but were blocked by a protester wearing what appeared to be pink feminine underwear. The man was ultimately carried away by rioters.

The shooting happened in Brooklyn Center, a city immediately connected to Minneapolis with a large minority community. Brooklyn Center is approximately 15 minutes away from downtown Minneapolis. Read more…

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