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BLM is Back to Blocking Highways, Attacking Motorists

A group of Black Lives Matter protesters blocked a major freeway feeder road intersection in Plano, Texas. A confrontation erupted as one of the people being blocked confronted the protesters.

A group of BLM protesters in Plano, a suburb of Dallas, blocked a major intersection on earlier this week, a video tweeted by New Granada on Friday shows. The video shows many of the protesters wearing body armor, black bloc, and helmets.

The blocking of the roadway comes amid the Texas Legislature’s consideration of a bill addressing protests that block emergency vehicles or entrances to hospitals.

At least one protester carried a Mexican flag while blocking the intersection of two major freeway feeder roads.

One of the drivers being blocked becomes angered and confronts the protesters. “Get the f**k out of my way,” the angered driver yells at one protester.

The driver then turns his attention to a Plano Police Department officer who appears to be unable, or unwilling, to clear the intersection. “Get these f**king people out of the way,” the man yells at the officer. “Get them out of here.” Read more…

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