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BLM Strikes Again in Illinois; Will He Be Convicted?

A 16-year old youth has been arrested in the Zion, Illinois shooting of a 23-year old mother who was reading the Bible to her child inside of her own home. The Waukegan Police Department arrested Zechariah Myles earlier this month, with the teen wanted on a felony murder warrant for the killing of Melanie Yates.

Authorities have accused Myles of evading arrest after the shooting, which they believe occurred through the firing of a stray round as the youth was firing a weapon in unclear circumstances outside the Yates family home. Yates was reading a bible story to her seven-month old daughter when she was shot. Police have indicated Myles was firing a rifle at someone else when he’s accused of shooting Yates.

Authorities indicated that Myles was “actively working to avoid apprehension” before they secured his arrest, warning the public that the youth was to be considered armed and dangerous. Read more…

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