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BLM Thug Commits Disgusting Crime: Gets Off Scot Free!

37-year-old Frank Abrokwa is back on the New York City streets shortly after being caught on video smearing feces over a woman’s face on the city’s vile subway system.

Just one week prior to the feces attack, Abrokwa had been charged with threatening a hardware store employee with a screwdriver. Other recent crimes include a string of alleged bus and subway attacks.

Because of criminal justice reform in New York City, Abrokwa has been able to walk without posting any bail and continue his pattern of behavior unabated. Most recently, he was taken in on charges of threatening to murder a Jewish man last September. This time, he was given supervised release.

NYPD police union head Pat Lynch is blaming these far-left laws for allowing thugs like Abrokwa to roam the streets. Read more…

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