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BLM’s America: Nearly Half of Murders Now Go Unsolved

“Across a nation that is already in the grips of a rise in violent crime, murders are going unsolved at a historic pace, a CBS News investigation has found. A review of FBI statistics shows that the murder clearance rate — the share of cases each year that are solved, meaning police make an arrest or close the case due to other reasons — has fallen to its lowest point in more than half a century.”

…Was there some sort of “Movement” in 2020 that came to a head which said police are all evil white racists who are oppressing black people for no reason whatsoever other than the color of their skin?

Did police and the FBI decide to take a knee and blame white people for all of society’s ills rather than address our serious “inner city” crime problem?

…Was the FBI/DOJ spending all their resources combatting the supposed threat of “white extremism” while… violent crime was hitting record levels in major cities across America? Read more…

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