Bloomberg News: IRS Targeting Scandal Was GOP Fiction

Committed leftists ensconced in the mainstream media have a strategy for when reality becomes inconvenient: invent an alternate version.

That’s precisely what editors at Bloomberg have done when it became clear that the case against the IRS for targeting Tea Party groups (at the behest of the Obama administration) was a slam dunk.

After a long train of abuses and accusations against notorious former IRS head John Koskinen (who resigned in disgrace) and after the loss a civil suit against Lois Lerner, Bloomberg news has decided that it was all a fiction created by the Republican machine to smear Barack Obama.

The problem with that theory, other than the raw legal facts, is that the author of the story also happens to be a former Democrat campaign hack.

But that didn’t seem to bother the editorial staff at Bloomberg enough to give it a second thought.

Very telling.

Here’s more from Newsbusters…

Those who believe history is presumptively written by the winners haven’t seen Francis Wilkinson’s attempt to create a bogus narrative on the four-year IRS scandal which appeared at Bloomberg News on Monday.

Wilkinson pretended to celebrate the alleged death of the Republican Party’s “cherished IRS scandal,” which he insisted has been a Republican Party “fiction” all along.

It will surprise no one that Wilkinson is a career leftist. Wilkinson is a “former national affairs writer at Rolling Stone“; a former partner at the Democratic media firm Doak, Carrier, O’Donnell, Wilkinson & Goldman,” consulting with political campaigns and corporations; and has submitted items at The American Prospect, the Huffington Post, and the New York Times.

Wilkinson is currently an editor at Bloomberg View. Apparently there’s not a lot of interest in editing the editors there, because, as confirmed by a longtime Tea Party activist, his item claiming the IRS scandal is “fiction” full of gaping holes.

Readers are advised to recall, as they read Wilkinson’s woeful effort, that Paul Caron, who is currently the Dean of the Pepperdine University School of Law, maintained a daily rundown of substantive IRS scandal news and views that ran for 1,353 straight days, and has continued to post less frequently but still quite actively since then (bolds are mine throughout this post)…

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