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Blue America’s Scientific Credibility is Dead

Scientific American just did a hit job on one of America’s leading biologists and conservationists. All that, right after his passing. This marks a shameful low point in a steep decline of the magazine in recent years.

Scientific American is the oldest magazine in the US dealing with science. Continuously in print since 1845, it is known for being full of articles by world-class scientists on different topics. According to its About page, over 200 Nobel Prize winners have contributed to it.

One guy who wrote articles for them was Edward O. Wilson, an American biologist often touted as Darwin’s natural heir. Unfortunately, this great mind passed away on the 26th of December, 2021. His ideas have greatly influenced my thinking on the world. Learning of his death, I decided to Google around the internet a bit, trying to find some summaries of his life’s work.

The almighty algorithms suggested one particular article. The title was “The complicated legacy of E. O. Wilson.” Subtitled “We must reckon with his and other scientists’ racist ideas if we want an equitable future”, it dragged this important scientist through the mud. Read more…

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