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Blue New Yorkers Rise Up Against Woke Madness

Viral video footage from New York City shows an Asian woman and another man uniting to tear down controversial ads from dating website OkCupid that promote left-wing politics, non-monogamous dating, COVID vaxxing, and graphic LGBTQIAAP+ sex.

In the video, taken on the city subway system the woman can be seen stating, “This is gross, this is gross. I don’t know, for kids to be looking at this, is that okay? This is propaganda.” One onlooker agrees, “No, this is wrong.”

“I don’t know why, like, no one sees this, this is disgusting,” the woman continues, gesturing to OkCupid ads that promote the corporate brand for “Every Single Non-Binary, Every Single Vaxxer, Every Single Bear, Every Single Tree-Hugger, Every Single Non-Monogamist,” and other identity politic factions. “It’s divide and conquer, I don’t know why you guys don’t see it. This is not about equality, guys. It’s about communism…”

OkCupid has launched several left-wing ad campaigns in the past, including messages that proclaim,”It’s OK to be a party-line voter and a swing dater,” “It’s OK to not date a man who won’t vote for a woman,” “It OK to choose Mr. Right based on how far he leans left,” and “It’s OK to choose to only date someone that’s pro-choice.” Read more…

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