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Blue San Francisco Just Revolted Against CRT Fanatics

San Francisco voters have ousted three progressive members of the city’s school board in a historic recall election. The recall election — which was the city’s first since 1983 — was an overwhelming success for those in favor of removal, according to the San Francisco Department of Elections. Voters cited concern over progressive ideology taking center stage while the city’s public schools remained shuttered for over a year.

It’s over. Parents and students won, against the odds. Pass this on to your school boards members who’ve been silent and/or refused to stand up for your kids.”

San Francisco school board members Faauuga Moliga, Gabriella Lopez and Alison Collins are all out after voters overwhelmingly backed removal. Not one embattled board member received more than 28% of the vote, while 79% of voters backed removing Alison Collins. Close to 126,000 voters turned out for the landslide recall election, which was the city’s first since 1983, when then-Mayor Dianne Feinstein was unsuccessfully recalled. Read more…

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