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Blue State Parents Rebel Against CRT

For most of the past year, the left has vigorously denied that critical race theory (CRT) was a “real” phenomenon in America’s government-run public school systems. According to their narrative, CRT was “fake” news, nothing more than right-wing propaganda.

Here in Rhode Island, following suit, state education officials and local school committee members – as well as their defenders in the media – also publicly denied that CRT was being taught in local school districts. In trying to obfuscate the truth … the critical theorists openly admit they are all about diversity, seeking to end the systematic racism they imagine is present in their schools; yet they are unable to produce any concrete examples and are unwilling to answer more specific curriculum questions from parents.

But in early July, the two major national teacher unions blew the left’s cover, openly admitting, and even doubling down on their desire to see divisive race theories advanced in K-12 education; a zeal that includes researching and harassing – potentially even taking legal action against – organizations that challenge the indoctrination of students with racial stereotyping. The malicious cat we all knew was there … was let out of the bag.

In the town of South Kingstown, the local school committee publicly threatened to file a lawsuit against a mother, Nicole Solas, who allegedly filed too many open records requests. Read more…

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