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Border Patrol Has Become the “Handmaid of Illegals”

A Customs and Border Patrol agent is slamming the left-wing politicization of the agency in a resignation letter to his supervisor, accusing Biden’s federal government of transforming CBP into the “handmaids” of illegal immigrants.

The Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli published the colorful resignation letter on Friday. In the email, sent from CBP Agent Joseph Mustafa to his supervisor Raul Ortiz, the former identifies what he sees as the full nullification of the Border Patrol’s border security mission, replaced instead with concierge services for illegal immigrants at the behest of the Biden administration.

Mustafa, a Navy corpsman veteran, explained that he could no longer morally comply with a gutted system of immigration enforcement that entailed merely clocking in and out for a paycheck. Mustafa cited constitutional decay with the United States Supreme Court, as well.

“The undocumented have gone from a fear of infringing the law to brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation. Have we become “Handmaids” to their cause? Incomprehensible… Particularly as the concept of “law” becomes an increasingly nebulous moving target.” Read more…

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