Breaking: Committee Votes to Release the Memo

As you’ve likely seen by now, late yesterday the House Intelligence Committee voted both to release the FISA memo and to block the Democrat memo (which technically may not even exist).

This vote was highly anticipated and formally sets the ball in motion for what may be a major shake-up for the DOJ/FBI.

The White House now has five days to refuse declassification of the details in the memo, but it’s almost certain that won’t happen, for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, the rumor mill continues to point to the details within the memo as the reason Andrew McCabe was forced out of the FBI yesterday despite already planning to retire this spring.

The next few days will be very telling, indeed.

Here’s more from Redstate…

The House Intelligence Committee voted to #ReleaseTheMemo. At the same time they voted against releasing the “counter memo” authored by Adam Schiff because of fear it would reveal classified information but did vote to make Schiff’s memo available to the whole House. I imagine that vote was based on their knowledge that Adam Schiff is a perennial leaker of classified information to Manu Raju at CNN and other #Resistance reporters. Of course it could be because, like Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, there is actually no evidence it even exists.

Now the ball is in the White House’s court. It has five days to decline permission to declassify the information. Then the House will meet as a body and vote on release despite disapproval by the president. That doesn’t seem to be a huge risk, though.

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