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BREAKING: DeSantis Rips Soros-Funded DA Who May Indict Trump

Following President Trump’s prediction on Saturday that he would be arrested this coming Tuesday, his allies in the media and politics wasted no time in publicly pressuring Gov. DeSantis to denounce the law enforcement officials in New York. Predictably, they portrayed DeSantis’s so-called silence on the matter as nearly traitorous.

Jason Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump, blasted both DeSantis (a potential GOP candidate for president) and Nikki Haley, a current GOP candidate for president, for their silence on the issue. The Trump campaign’s “War Room” account similarly criticized “some individuals” for not speaking out, claiming, “Their silence will be judged by history.”

Much of the story about Trump’s potential indictment has been driven by rumor, leaks, and innuendo, while the facts have been, well, less than plentiful. That said, on Monday morning, a reporter asked DeSantis to respond to the reports of Trump’s potential indictment and what involvement he may have in possibly extraditing Trump to New York. Read more…

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