Breaking: DOJ Submits A Million Documents to House Intel Cmte

It appears the DOJ is finally beginning to comply with House Intelligence Committee investigators as a part of the probe into likely collusion in the election.

On Friday, the committee reviewed documents related to the Russia dossier.

What’s more, documents from the Obama administration related to the FISA request for surveillance on the Trump campaign were reviewed.

The key here is that the dossier, which again was paid for by the DNC and Hillary’s campaign and coordinated by the FBI, served as the ’cause’ for the push for surveillance and unmasking of individuals associated with Trump’s campaign.

That dossier was then used as the cause for Mueller’s independent investigation into potential collusion.

The house of cards is beginning to fall, folks.

Here’s more from Daily Caller…

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence members gained access to all Department of Justice and FBI documents it possesses on the Trump dossier, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

The committee was able to review Friday all FBI and DOJ documents on the Trump dossier, former MI-6 British agent Christopher Steele who authored the dossier, and Fusion GPS, the political opposition firm that hired Steele. DOJ also provided any Obama administration applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court based on the dossier, which could approve the surveillance of the Trump transition team or Trump associates, according to a source with direct knowledge of the case.

The information could serve as a key breakthrough in the committee’s investigation of Steele, Fusion GPS and the Russians who influenced the dossiers’ contents.

The only exception to the release was an FBI one FD-302 document that FBI Director Christopher Wray showed only to House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin  Nunes. The document pertains to interviews of sources or suspects.

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