Breaking: FBI Cornered Austin Bomber, Blows Himself Up

The reign of terror in Austin, Texas is over today after local police and the FBI used a series of video surveillance and cell phone triangulation techniques to track down the serial bomber.

As they zeroed in on him in hopes of catching him by surprise, police say he detonated one of his own devices in his car, which he did not survive.

What’s of particular interest, despite his ultimate capture, is that he may have been able to mail more armed packages before he was discovered.

Police have urged Austin area residents to be on alert until the threat has been eliminated completely.

We suppose now it’s time for radical anti-bomb activists to call for a ban on bombs, right?

Here’s more from Redstate…

Wow, huge news breaking out of Austin, Texas as it appears the suspect in a string of bombings has been killed in a gun battle with police.

Austin ABC affiliate KVUE-TV has the stunning story this morning, reporting that law enforcement has confirmed the suspect was killed, following law enforcement tracking him down, and a subsequent face off with FBI and/or police.

The FBI was attempting an arrest when the suspect detonated the device he had on him…

And that’s when the gunfire started. It is unclear if the suspect was already dead from his own device when the shooting began.

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