Breaking: Trump Offers DACA Deal in Exchange for Wall

While in Davos, Switzerland, yesterday, President Trump’s staff released a final offer for his deal on a DACA solution in order to avoid yet another government shutdown on Feb. 8th.

The gist of Trump’s deal can be summed thusly: Dreamers for the wall.

He’s willing to give a so-called path to citizenship for up to 1.8 million Dreamers in exchange for 25 billion in funding for the border wall.

The offer represents the most generous gesture Trump has made to-date, which also represents triple the number of Dreamers President Obama had proposed to legalize.

It’s a gift basket to the Democrats a la the ‘Art of the Deal’ and they’d be stupid to refuse it.

The question is whether Trump can deliver on his side of the ledger since GOP opposition in the House is certain to be resolute.

Here’s more from WSJ…

President Donald Trump proposed a path to citizenship for 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, if lawmakers agree to create a $25 billion fund to expand barriers along the Mexican border and implement other deep changes to the immigration system.

The White House suggested the proposal moved Mr. Trump a step closer to the Democrats, who have championed the cause of the young immigrants known as Dreamers, but the plan includes demands they have fiercely opposed. The Trump plan also risks the ire of hard-liners who oppose any such pathway to citizenship.

The White House proposal, presented to Senate leaders and congressional aides on Thursday, would restrict family-based immigration, the channel by which most immigrants have come to the U.S. for the past half-century. It also calls for an end to a lottery program that randomly awards 50,000 green cards annually to foreigners from countries underrepresented in U.S. immigration.

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