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CA Court Rules Coffee Needs Cancer Warning Label

We can’t not laugh at the Left Coast. First it’s campus free speech zones in which one cannot exercise his or her First Amendment rights.

Then came mandatory minimum wages which are driving small businesses out of the market.

And now in the latest iteration of ‘non-compos mentis fiat’ is a court order that coffee should carry mandatory cancer warning labels just like those found on packs of cigarettes.

The order comes despite rampant scientific evidence that coffee not only does not cause cancer but in some cases may actually prevent it.

Coffee companies will likely respond by simply refusing to distribute to California, which would be perfectly just desserts.

Here’s more from Redstate…

Despite a growing number of scientific studies in recent years finding that coffee either does not increase your risk of getting cancer or may possibly even lower it, a judge in California thinks coffee should have a scary cancer warning label anyway.

(I’m literally drinking a lovely cup of Cuban coffee as I write this and the caffeine is giving me plenty of energy to roll my eyes.)

According to the Washington Post, The Council for Education and Research on Toxics filed a lawsuit under California’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, which the state’s voters approved as Proposition 65 in 1986, against Starbucks and about ninety other companies selling coffee in the state, including grocery stores and coffee shops.

This law requires warning labels if a product contains any among a long list of chemicals deemed to cause cancer, including acrylamide, which is produced in trace amounts during the process of roasting coffee beans.

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