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California Moves to Make Nation’s Strictest Gun Laws Even Stricter

California’s Public Carry Laws are about to get a revision with new legislation announced Feb. 1 by California Governor Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta and State Senator Anthony Portantino.

The catalysts for change came after California experienced multiple mass shootings last week, and follows the June decision of the US Supreme Court on the license requirement in New York for concealed carry of arms, which mirrored aspects of California’s public carry laws and put them at risk.

“As we know, communities across California are grieving at least 26 people murdered in mass shootings in just one single week. And so many of our communities, especially communities of color, know painfully well the daily toll of shootings that never make the national news, but that nonetheless, leave a wake of trauma and loss and human sorrow,” said supporter and Policy Director of the Gifford Center for Violence Intervention, Mike Vick Lively. “We know that California must act, and under the leadership of Governor Newsom, and Attorney General Bonta, and this great group of legislators, we’re going to make a difference. “ Read more…

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