Car Bomb Threat Prompts Closing of Federal Buildings in Portland

Federal buildings in Portland, Oregon were closed Friday due to a reported threat that a vehicle laden with explosives would be driven into them. The Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse and the U.S. bankruptcy court were closed, as well as other federal buildings, according to reports.

The Hatfield courthouse has been the site this summer of prolonged nightly assaults by Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists who have repeatedly attacked federal agents protecting the building and blocked doors while setting arson fires in attempts to burn the building down with the agents trapped inside.

Excerpt from The Oregonian:

…A source with knowledge of the situation said federal authorities received a threat that a vehicle filled with explosives would hit a federal building. The source didn’t specify whether the threat was targeted at a specific federal building. The threat came in Thursday and did not specify when the supposed crash would occur. Read more…

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