Caravan Guns for the Border

About 150 migrants from the Central American caravan charged the U.S.-Mexico border toting signs that read, “La paz y Dios” within 500 feet of American soil. The white signs were purportedly intended to signify peace. The response came after President Trump closed the border in order to better secure it against the caravan’s determined charged. The question in the coming days is whether Mexico will be able to control security inside their own country. We’re betting not.

Here’s more from Fox News

A group of about 150 migrants carrying white flags that read, “La paz y Dios,” or “Peace and God are With Us,” separated from the larger caravan near Southern California and inched within 500 feet of the U.S., a report Thursday said.

The migrants said they are carrying the white flags to show that they are peaceful, and will attempt to present themselves as asylum seekers near Baja, Calif., The San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

President Trump on Thursday threatened to close the border with Mexico if his administration determines that Mexico has lost control of the situation. The Union-Tribune reported that Mexican federal police held a barrier near a pedestrian crossing and urged the migrants to apply for jobs in Tijuana. Police claimed there are thousands of jobs in the city. Federal police were dressed in riot gear and prevented the caravan from getting closer to the U.S.

Carlos Lopez, a Honduran who was leading the small group, told the paper that the conditions in Mexico are horrible. He said there are sick children and women and children are forced to remain outside in the elements.

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