Caught On Tape: Liberals Plot Disruption at GOP Townhalls

When conservatives rally and show up to townhall meetings, they’re painted as crazy wing-nuts.

But when liberals do the same thing, they’re freedom fighters standing against oppression and totalitarianism.

Funny how that works…

So of course it’s perfectly ok when they’re caught on tape organizing to disrupt GOP meetings.

Here’s more from American Mirror

Recordings obtained by a Louisiana radio station expose a strategic effort by anti-Trump activists to manufacture hostile town hall meetings for conservative lawmakers and to manipulate the media.

Louisiana’s KPEL published leaked audio of members of the anti-Trump group Indivisible discussing ways to embarrass Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy at a town hall in Breaux Bridge last Friday, TruNews reports.

The group discussed how to “dominate” the meeting by using an “inside team” to pack into “as many seats as we can” and an “outside team” to raise a ruckus and protest while disguised as conservatives to “give (the media) the coverage they want,” according to the recording.

Activists read from an Indivisible guide on political espionage that explained how the outside plants can control media coverage while those inside work to block local residents who are “sympathetic” to Cassidy from speaking. The activists were expected to leave behind “any signifier that you’re a liberal” to blend in with locals.

“Game plan number one is to fill as many seats as we can, right? If it’s all of us in there and the poor people of Breaux Bridge are sitting behind us, well then tough luck for them,” one of the organizers, James Proctor, told the group, who thought the comment was hilarious.

“If we can arrange it so he doesn’t hear one sympathetic question – great,” he said. “That only magnifies our impact.”

The Acadiana Advocate reports “several hundred people” showed up early to the town hall on Friday armed with protest signs supporting Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. The protestors packed the meeting to capacity, frequently interrupted the senator and shouted over supporters, and dominated the media’s attention.

Here’s the video:

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