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CBP No Longer Has “Situational Awareness” of the Border

Last year, CBP “officially released known, documented numbers of illegal aliens who evaded apprehension to be roughly 380,000 people,” retired Chief of U.S. Border Patrol Rodney Scott told The Center Square. “Last month, we learned from a leaked Border Patrol document that there were over 300,000 known people who evaded apprehension” in the first three months of this year, he said.

“In light of these numbers and the fact that Border Patrol agents are so overwhelmed that very few are out patrolling the border,” he said, “it would be absolutely naive to believe that there aren’t already over one million gotaways in the U.S. when Border Patrol was able to document over 300,000 known gotaways with very few agents in the field and hundreds of miles of border left unpatrolled.”

…In reality, the agent said, “We don’t have complete situational awareness of the border since the 2006 Secure Fence Act, which requires us to do so. We will never know who and how many came across,” unless the approach to border security changes, the agent said. Read more…

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