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CBS Apologizes for Reporting the Truth About Ukraine

CBS News has censored a tweet about an accurate report detailing how weapons in Ukraine are not making it to the battlefield and are now apologizing for reporting real news by accident.

“We removed a tweet promoting our recent doc, “Arming Ukraine,” which quoted the founder of the nonprofit Blue-Yellow, Jonas Ohman’s assessment in late April that only around 30% of aid was reaching the front lines in Ukraine,” they wrote in a tweet.

CBS News noted that they removed the tweet because the Pentagon assured them that this problem has been remedied. By the word alone of the federal bureaucrats, CBS News apologized and groveled.

“Since that time, Ohman says delivery has improved. Additionally, the U.S. military has confirmed that defense attaché Brigadier General Garrick M. Harmon arrived in Kyiv in August for arms control and monitoring,” they continued in a follow-up tweet. Read more…

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